The partner and shipping lawyer Sergio Luiz Ruas Capela (deceased on 05/25/2017) has completed his education in law in the year of 1982 and has always worked in his professional life in the area related to shipping, in private sector, and after having been approved in the exam of the Brazilian Bar Association, he has been invited to be a partner of other law firm, working as an autonomous professional, until he founded Capela Advocacia in the year of 1992.

We are recognized for our tradition and excellence. The purpose of our office is to focus on accurate results, developing customized and assertive solutions for companies associated, mainly, with shipping sector, including all of areas of maritime, port, customs, tax, AVIATION law, foreign trade, logistics, and international cargo transportation, as well as sectors aimed at real estate, general labor law, consumer protection and family and probate. We intervene under administrative, preventive advisory (opinions), litigious, arbitration and mediation scopes.

Our customers have diversify from P&I Clubs, shipowners, charterers, cargo brokers, freight forwarders, multimodal transport operators, port terminals and operators, importers, exporters and other related, including individuals and legal entities (consumers) that pursue their rights before employers, partners, construction companies and service providers in general.

We deal with controversies involving cargo disputes, search and seizure of bills of ladings, injunctions to container replacement, detention or embargo of vessels, fines before the Federal Revenue, freight collection, demurrage, detention, storage and any other related, in addition to dealing directly with matters related to accidents with independent workers, concerning a civil tort claim (moral and material damages), ground services either on board or ashore, and other indistinctly involving a lower projection area, offering a complete, dynamic and effective advisory.

We count on a team of highly and specialized professionals and with a wide experience in the sector, always working and updated, to take practical and rapid solutions to each one of our customers, maintaining the commitment of a work done with ethics, efficiency and transparence.

We have our principal place of business in the city of Santos, where there is the greatest port of the Latin America. Besides, our service extends all over the Brazilian territory, through our corresponding network in the main capitals, ports and airports of the country.

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